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Soil Wrap Fabric - KoirWrap 1000 & KoirWrap 1200

Fabric wrapped soil construction is one of the most resilient bioengineering techniques to stabilize streambanks. This technique relies on the strongest type of coir fabric construction to reinforce soil lifts, high density plantings of rows of willow cuttings, native seeds, and in many cases a reinforced stone toe to protect against toe scour. Like all bioengineered designs using degradable fabric, the concept is to rely on fabrics during the initial (three to six years) soil stabilization period. As the fabric degrades, the installed vegetation provides the necessary erosion protection and aesthetic benefits. KoirWrap1000 & KoirWrap 1200 are excellent fabrics for this type of bank treatment.

KoirWrap 1000 & KoirWrap 1200 is a double-layered biodegradable erosion control fabric made up of an outer layer of high strength continuously woven coir matting and an inner layer of lightweight jute fabric connected together at regular intervals. KoirWrap 1000 & KoirWrap 1200 is ideal for fabric wrapped soil construction on steep slopes and along streambanks.

Typical Applications

  • Slopes and streambank stabilization
  • Landscaping and bioengineering
  • Revegetation of construction damaged slopes
  • Trapping sediment and to encourage deposition
  • Reduction of pollution from storm-water run-off


  • An excellent product for fabric wrapped soil construction
  • Outer layer of woven coir fabric provides strength
  • Inner layer of woven jute fabric retains fines during period of plant establishment
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Cost effective and long lasting
  • Ideal for steep slopes and high velocity channels